Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moving Day!!!

As I lie in bed tonight unable to sleep from an aliment that has plagued me due to my lack of consideration for myself and well being... it hit me. Not only am I not taking care of my body but I am also neglecting the things that make me - ME. 

I haven't been blogging. Period. 

No longer am I going to make excuses for the fact that my .com is not exactly the way I wanted it.

As of this Moment in time, space & blog world....

is up and running and will now be my home.

I've put off blogging in general because I haven't wanted posts to go to waste here at blogger and I haven't worked in Word Press because it's not perfect.... Yet. - That idea is insane. 
This is what I LOVE. So I should be doing it!

Please come check out what I do have done. (& excuse the dust)

If you follow THE VINTAGE MILK HOUSE via e-mail subscription you will need to sign up one last time at the top right hand corner.

Otherwise all other sorts of "following" have been updated. (Except blogger - sorry.)

Excited to see you all on my VERY OWN site & excited to have you all along with me for the ride! Life is not perfect and damn it, neither is my blog at the moment!!! 

Click HERE to make the switch with me!

Love to You ALL,